Winning display by Art Keeble

Ernie Partridge’s display

Garth Goldsmith – auctioneer extraordinaire! With the ‘numbers man’ Keen Greene in the foreground.

Ornate hammer from Laurie Richard’s collection

Ken Greene’s display

Part of Scott Ross’ display.

Scott Ross’ display.

Nick Ormond’s display.

Part Ernie Partridge’s display.

Mike Illingworth’s tool box.

Wayne Blenkhorn, Mike Illingworth & Tom McCluskey behind Mike’s display.

Part of Durling Deal’s display.

More of Ernie Partridge’s display.

Part of Ernie Partridge’s collection.

List of people and companies that assisted with the restoration and erection of windmill.

Lowering the windmill in its original location.

Laser cut sails to replace the old ones.

Tom McCluskey and a friend of Pages welding a support.

Pouring in the footings.

Art Keeble and a couple of Pages friends examining the sails.

The windmill standing in its new location at the Farm Equipment Museum.

ATCA members were invited to display their collections at the Farm Equipment Museum, during the exhibition. Art Keeble’s display is pictured here